Simply to Hold

by likela

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I've been writing this album since Christmas 2014, and i just finished the last track about a week ago. I wrote it in a lot of different places, with a lot of different instruments, with alot of different people, but every song is about the same thing. I started writing this album for really personal reasons, and each song has a specific meaning and message. The numbered songs were written for my best friends in the world. The first four numbered songs were written as a personal goodbye, and the last four were written as a thanks for there not ever being that goodbye. The creation of this album has been a really important part of my life, and I'm finally ready to share it and let it go.


released October 4, 2015

I. For Leo
II. For Mikey
III. For Andy
IV. For Mckenzie



all rights reserved


likela Grand Rapids, Michigan

Everything is meant to be listened to alone in a quiet place.

It might be an end time prophecy, it might be a message from god, but someday, the person who is supposed to will hear it.

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Track Name: I. My Morning Glory
My Morning Glory
oohhhh(angel voices)
Track Name: II. Ghost
Homme Mystère
don't look at my eyes
why are you talking so low to disguise
something in you is in me
but who will ever know, not me

a field of stars pass by the window
of this passenger side seat

is it so hard
my mystery man
is it so hard
haunt me
Track Name: III. Lover Boy
you're my lover boy
stay in the car when it goes wrong again
tell your jokes to the moon
but don't think I don't see the scars
Lover Boy, why don't you say it out loud?
all you're doing is growing old
this was always who we are
nothing ever really changes

except I can read you darling
everything is not okay
but I love you Lover Boy

is it okay over there?
you are a wave
sometimes you're right here with me
sometimes you're far
is it okay over there?
can you hear my echo?
what are you afraid of?
it's fake my love
I can see you
I know you lover boy
hold my hand
it's okay, I feel it too
why are we both hiding?
you weren't even there all night
you were somewhere else, hiding behind that smile
remember that night I drove out to get you?
I see your wrists
everything is not okay
you're shutting off
you're shutting up
you're shutting me out
and I've been complacent
you're not okay
neither am I
but I don't show that
so why should you?
except I can read you darling
everything is not okay
but I love you lover boy
Track Name: IV. In Another Time
I want to see you projected on my face
while my band plays
and i sing of you
Ill sing about you
every day (hmm)
Remember the days with you on my skin
Remember the day, how cruel time is.

I dont want to be in love
I dont want to be in love w/ u

(painful angel noises)

(I dont want to wake up)

I feel sick
its the best ive ever felt
will you still love me
if im not in church on sunday?

I wont pray for you
I want to
Track Name: I. Hymn
I'm not what you wanted
I'm not what you needed
what did you ask for?
I can come back around
in another time
and maybe get it right
Track Name: II. A Sad Messiah
in the morning
baby blue skin
a hand on the railing
moonlight on an arm

(a word)

(a whisper)

I can hear the sound of your breath
from the other side of the wall
tormenting me
begging me to step through to the other side
Track Name: IV. Passant des étoiles
tenderly breathe a word with no meaning
it fills my lungs, tears my veins
writhing on the ground
you catch me
take me
northern lights spin through my mind
my head tilts back
make me worthless
take everything that I have
reduce me to the piece of flesh that I am
take my soul from me
fill me with teeth and blood
there is nothing but violence and motion left
in a thousand years I will be the same
time and death cannot do more to rob me of myself than you have
they have no sting like your gaze
I am stripped of anything of substance
Track Name: a small note folded neatly on the kitchen table
A letter home
There will be no last goodbye
A letter home

Sell this body
Leave your marks upon my flesh
No fear of Death
Track Name: Untitled
Ive tried every turn
in my head and with my feet

We are here together
but youre not really here with me

Its ok
Its actually just fine
Its ok
Its actually just fine

The sun will go black
The stars will soon implode
A charriot will come for me
The wind will take us all
and crush this useless body
my eyes will shut
we will become one

its the end of the world
can you feel it?
In a stampede we will come